LED Lighting

What makes us different

3-year warranty on most of our products. The bodies and the materials are designed to have a perfect heat dissipation in order to ensure lamp life of 50000 actual hours, our LED will not turns off and will not change color over time!

Choice of valuable LEDs and always in the same series, to avoid color variations from one LED to another in the same LED light fixture or from a spotlight to the next. That is unfortunately (or fortunately for us) clearly evident in the installations with poroducts of many of our competitors.
To be precise, we have business agreements with manufacturers to ensure (at the expense of the price) the same Vf (working voltage) for all individual diodes that make up a multi-channel LED. And here it is where we make a difference!

Careful planning in compliance with European (ENEC) rules and, moreover, many of our products are designed for a market outside Europe (UL). CE certification.

Power supplies with wide tolerances inputs, to ensure for a long lamp life in all operating conditions (if your house is near the energy supplying cab or in a vehicle with the continuing surge data from the alternator).

Top quality power cords, with connectors for fast wiring of the system. Possibility of series or parallel connection between lamps using special boxs, thus saving on the required number of power supplies without further modification.

Choice of components to be assembled according to the quality and, if possible, only Italian brand; testing of every finished product placed on the market, service and friendliness.
Thanks to the numerous tests carried out over the years, we now know when to mount a current controller or only resistors, looking not at the price but the temporal duration of the circuit!

Last but not least, in cases where we have direct contact, we offer field support free for both the installer and the applicant in order to help you choose the right type of lighting.
Whether it be the showcase of your business premises or your kitchen, our experience allows us to understand the possible problems in advance, allowing us to propose the technical choices that best fit your case.

So beware of the cheap products that you may find on the shelves of any stores or stalls, look for lighting professionals for your business activity or your home, important places, where you spend most of your life.

Look at the difference and expect quality!

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