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Examples of project

We report here the pictures (click on images to enlarge them) of some installations made with our lighting fixtures. We also added some bad lighting examples (seen around Italy) to compare the quality.

Lighting a private residence

Complete project
Ambient lighting in a living room. Detail of the ceiling with LED bars (profile alluminio + light source).
Custom modules
Color light in niches in the wall. Touchscreen control or remote control, maximum visual effect ... with minimum power consumption.

In light we trust

Planning and supply
Designing and making of smart pieces of furniture, as the crosses for new mortuary chapels of Verdini s.r.l. - Funeral Agency - Corridonia Pannels are made on measure caring each single detail, warm color light and dimmerable by touch screen remote control.

The crosses are more than 2,5 metre high. They were composed and installed on the spot. Each one consumes less than 200W.

Lighting a private residence

Wooden wall
Accent lighting designed for the customer, for the niches set in a beautiful library in solid wood and glass.

Special applications

Highest personalization
We are able to respond to customer needs in a quick and original way. Detail of kitchen bench and lighting in a mailbox.

Lighting a Pub

Recessed spotlights
>The room was previously equipped with 14 halogen spotlights 50 W each, for a total consumption of 700 W, with the shift to our LED spotlights the place has been able to scale up to 56 W power consumption, while maintaining the same amount and the same color of the halogen light.

Lighting fixtures facade of historical building Palace Facade

Barra hydra

The scenic effect of the light that fills the window bays from the bottom-up is given by our Hydra bar 80 cm in length, containing 28 LEDs (in this case) for a total consumption of only 5.2 W per bar. Note the warm tone of light, perfect for these environments.

Kitchen midway lighting

Demonstration of how to give light to a wooden kitchen. A 150 cm long Hydra Bar effectively illuminates the entire work plan, the color temperature of 4000 K light enhances the colors of the products and allows the full vision for the operations.
The angle of the light emitting from the bar is 90 degrees (well visible on the third photo). This allows to concentrate the light in areas where it is needed and its concentration in useful points.

Note in the last picture the comparison between a "Hydra 40 cm LED 28" Bar and 2 incandescent bulbs arranged on a normal cooker hood. The first consumes 6 watts, the other two together consume 80 watts! As you can see the vision (and the color rendering index) is very different, the former providing better lighting as well as a savings (more than 10 times) in consumption. Not to mention the replacement of light bulbs, no longer necessary!

Lighting inside a machine tool

Professional lights
In this case, light is required in an automated machine, 4000 degrees Kelvin, to make visible and with the right color rendering the processing products used in work. 80 cm Bar containing 56 LEDs for a total flux of 1000 lumens!

Lighting hall home

Corridoio casa

Primary lighting, three spotlights placed in the ceiling just above the doors in a house devoted to real energy savings.


Lighting project of a stove. In the first case a bar of 40 cm with 28 LED and colour of light of 4000K, with lens in the cover; in the second case a system built inside the wood with two bars of 20 cm and 21 LED each with color of light of 3000K.


Custom products
We study solutions to save energy and costs. Here the transformation of a lamp (light source) provided of three incandescent bulbs of 75 Watts (total of 210W) with a LED slab of 16 Watt with the light color of 3000K.

In the next few photos we can see the installations from other companies around the country, focusing on some obvious errors:

Errata scelta colori Errata scelta colori Errata scelta colori Errata scelta colori

The scenic effect, obviously not wanted, is very bad. The change in color of the light of these LED lights is given by the incorrect choice of monochrome LEDs during assembly. At first glance, in the factory color diversity may look inconspicuous, but in advancing the life of the lamp, it will be more and more evident making the colors clearly distinguishable.
We are well aware of this and other problems, consequently we know what precautions are to be taken to avoid unpleasant future surprises!

Other material will be added soon, follow us!

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